Julie Chen Moonves

Do you have an opinion on the Moonves ordeal?

I’m disappointed. Not for him but for the position his drama has put on his wife. She already left the Talk which I watch on CBS All-Access since I cancelled cable. I love how she represents herself on that show. She’s relatable and empathetic to other people’s situations. I like that Julie seems genuinely personable. And she has a great sense of humor, which we don’t really see on Big Brother.

Now there’s speculation she’s leaving Big Brother.

That would suck. Julie is an iconic part of Big Brother. She’s been there since the beginning and she even has a Big Brother nickname, Chenbot, which she leans into. All the more reason to like her.

I only got into Big Brother in the last few years but in that time I’ve watched older seasons and fell in love with the game, the players who often become 4 dimensional characters (especially if you watch the live feeds) and the show itself. Big Brother will continue with or without Chenbot, but if she leaves the show it would never be the same.

I have to say something about Julie signing off of Big Brother last week as Julie Chen Moonves. We know what her husband is accused of. That should be on him. For me, it’s sad that her jobs are in danger. I really think that if Julie didn’t have to address her personal life on the Talk because of the public accusations (and that we’re living in a historic time for women with the hashtag me too movement), she would never leave that job. It’s a dream job for her. The people at the Talk are her family. They have to be, she’s been there since the show premiered. And she’d have to be a fantastic actress if they aren’t. She’s very genuine. I know how it feels leaving a job where your coworkers feel like family. It’s a lot like a break-up.

I suppose she’s supporting her husband for their young son. If I were Julie Chen I would be so angry at Moonves. She’s being judged for her husband’s actions and that’s unfair. But what she decides to do regarding her marriage is her business. She shouldn’t be judged. I think she was blindsided by the situation and her knee-jerk reaction is to trust the man she created a family with. That doesn’t mean she’s going to stay with him forever; and if she does, good for her.

You know how sometimes people you watch on TV feel like your real friends?

I do hope Julie stays with Big Brother.


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