The Storm Before The Sun

It’s the day after Queen Aretha passed on. News shows and social media posts are paying tribute. I just watched 20/20’s beautiful tribute (on Hulu). It’s an amazing, jaw-dropping experience to watch videos of her live performances. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have been in the same room…

I’m sad the world continues to lose legends but I’m aware, every life has a beginning, middle, and end and Aretha lived her best life. It’s our loss. She could be in her next destination, somewhere heavenly, sipping champagne with God.

I’ve been crying a bit today. Full of feelings. An ocean of emotion, my freshman in college self once wrote in an attempt at poetry and being deep.

It sucks looking for work. And being single. Both situations at the same time sucks.

Last week I had an interview for a job I know is mine to lose. It’s everything I’ve been doing the last 15 years and the pay is better than what I earned before doing the same thing. The work environment seems welcoming and good.

I’ve come to realize that service coordination (now being called care management) for people with developmental disabilities is the job I love. I want to keep doing it.

The job I interviewed for is the job I hope to land. I’m maintaining a positive attitude about it. It’s not easy.

I’m not a fatalist but I might as well be.

I like not working but not as much as I did when I first wasn’t working. It’s lost it’s novelty.

And anyway, I need to work. I need to work to live. I need to work to have a life. I need to work and also not be single anymore.


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