Escaping The Haze/The Juice Just Isn’t Worth The Squeeze

This blog had a purpose when I started it. Then it turned into something different.

What I write is honest and I get personal. I’m afraid of who’s reading this and who isn’t. The people I hoped would read this probably don’t care enough to and the people who do care are related to me.

I’m related to people who have negative energy and their negativity is contagious and toxic. I resemble these people. I share history with these people. I’m family to these people. I don’t know how to feel about these people. The fact that they’re not healthy for me doesn’t seem to matter. There’s no escape. I can’t write blog posts, or anything, and not express my truest feelings. Sadly, my truest feelings can be considered offensive. Or not. But the juice isn’t worth the squeeze to continue this blog and find out. At least right now. I’m not in the best head space.

This is just a hiatus. I may find myself with something to say tomorrow. Or not for a while. This hiatus has no time constraints.

Have a great day and be grateful for your pets. Your pets don’t speak human and therefore don’t judge, question, or criticize.

I change my mind a lot and I might change my mind about this.

But not right now. Now I’m on hiatus.


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