Big Brother / P. O. V.

Yes. I have a pillow with a picture of my pets. It’s really cool!! I want another one. (

The Big Brother 20 is going so well so far. It’s exciting because the people in the game are playing! I’m not sure that if anyone reading this blog knows anything about the game, so here’s some information.

This season sixteen people entered the house. One by one the house guests vote each other out until there’s (typically) a nine person jury and a final two. The game happens in real time while the audience is able to watch what’s going on in the house on the live feeds.

I sometimes watch the live feeds. I like watching them when stuff happens. This season has stuff happening. Unlike the previous two seasons, this cast doesn’t seem negative. They don’t constantly talk crap about the other people in the game. As someone who wants to be kind and genuine, it’s refreshing seeing people being nice, even if sometimes it’s fake nice.

Power of Veto necklace

There’s a mechanism in the game called the Power of Veto, a competition with six players, the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three players randomly drawn. The winner of the competition has the power to keep the Head of Household’s nominations the same, or to veto one of the nominations, making the HOH choose a replacement nominee.

As someone who majored in English, the point of view, or POV, of a character is important to me. When my meds are working and I’m not so much in my own way, I try to think about other people’s perspective. I would like to think that if I ever played Big Brother, my strategy would be to be cognizant of every player’s perspective. It would be a lot of work.

This season is 99 days. I’m too old for that shit, to be locked up on a set posing as a house with a concrete backyard. It would be a lot of things and top of the list, a mistake to play. I just don’t have the social strategy to make it on Big Brother and Survivor. I say too much. I say without thinking. And I’m often misunderstood. And I’m too emotional. I would be terrible. Plus I’m too old and out of shape. Big Brother is a game for people in their 20s and 30s. And my gray hairs would be an issue for me. The production would have to let me cover up the grays.

This is a silly tangent. As much as I want to win money and bragging rights, I’m not going on either BB or Survivor. But I do want a lot of money. What’s harder? Finding a man with a disposable income or winning one of those games?


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