Everything I Know About Politics I Learned From My Dad

The opinions posted here are only opinions. If anything I say in this post is in any way offensive or if you disagree strongly with my opinions I apologize in advance.

Earlier today I was on the phone with my dad. I was wondering what he thinks about Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of New York. He likes her but is concerned that if she wins the Democratic nomination, she won’t win against the Republican candidate. Although New York is a blue state, most of the state is red and New Yorkers have elected Republican governors before.

I usually agree with my dad’s political opinions. In this case, I disagree. Cynthia Nixon is a refreshing candidate and she may be who we need in New York. She may be that Democrat who invigorates the parts of the state that usually vote red.

I don’t wear I heart NY t-shirts. I love NYC as it’s represented in Nora Ephron movies but I don’t actually like New York. I especially don’t like the city. I do like that the platform Cynthia Nixon is running on will make the city nicer for city people, like my mom and niece. She wants to fix the subway system. When I lived in the city back during Y2K, I had to ride the subway all the time. I hated it. It’s so awful. For other people, it’s good that Cynthia Nixon wants to fix and improve the subway.

I like that she wants to legalize marijuana because she knows there’s a demand and it’ll help to invigorate the economy.

I also like that when I see photos and videos of her campaigning, she looks like she couldn’t be happier being out there, shaking hands. She’s hustling to win the primary. I hope she does. And I’m confident she’d win against the Republican. There aren’t any inspiring Republican candidates, are there? If there are, wouldn’t we be hearing about them??

Cynthia Nixon is great at campaigning. It’s a gift I don’t have. Certain people have it. Obama had it. Bill Clinton had it. I’m happy to have a Cynthia Nixon to root for. Especially with what is the current national political state.

I understand my dad wanting to vote for someone who will realistically beat the Republican. I don’t think it’s Cuomo anymore. I think it’s Cynthia Nixon.

I lived in California when Arnold was governor. I lived in America when Reagan was President. I’m living in America that’s currently being represented by an orange reality personality. The fact of Cynthia Nixon’s past as a child actress who successfully transitioned to adult roles and has fought personal battles might make her more qualified to govern NY than other people, in my opinion.

The news of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retiring is not good under this administration. My dad taught me that one of the most important reasons to vote for the Democratic candidate most likely to beat the Republican because of the President’s role in choosing Supreme Court Justices.

The issue I care about most right now is health care. It should be free for all. Health care shouldn’t be dependent on your employment. We shouldn’t have to apply for Medicaid. It should be available for everyone. I should be able to walk into any doctor or specialists office and be treated for free. Sadly, I think it would take a miracle for this country to have health care for all.

Which is why Canada seems so much better than the current American reality:


One Comment on “Everything I Know About Politics I Learned From My Dad

  1. Wow, she really listens! (How many dads can say that?) Well, after reading this, Thea, you’ve left me with little choice but to dig deeper into the subject and give it further and more serious thought. Thanks!


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