I Overestimated My Hustle.

I know of people making good money legally getting high. Everyday. Seriously. There are real people in this country who make a good living smoking weed on social media and collaborating with companies that make marijuana paraphernalia. These people get free products to advertise. And these products aren’t cheap. Even though that seems to me a utopian way to earn a living. The thing about Utopia is that it’s an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. I’m not that much of a hedonist that I need to live in Utopia.


Too Good to be True? Maybe if I were still in my 20s. Even 30s. But at this point I’m too old? too seasoned? too realistic? pessimistic? disillusioned?
I want to go to work again. When I left my last job, I wanted to change careers. I still do, but maybe I’m not ready yet. I would love to make a living writing this blog and books and whatever I want. But after I have established myself, which I haven’t yet.

For me to do that I would have to really be hustling, putting my work and my name out there. I’d have to make videos and do everything I could to make a lot of content so when people Google different topics or key words, my stuff comes up. Honestly, I’m too critical of myself to put myself out there like that.

But I feel good about what could happen. I didn’t leave my last job in vain. I was miserable and a little unstable. But I’ve had a month away from what I was dealing with and my perspective is clearer, I think. When it comes to getting a job doing what I know I can do to make a living now, I have hustle. Because I have renewed confidence. I’ll get a good job, where I want to work, wherever that ends up being…


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